software for vintage EMU samplers




























EMXP still uses an old MS-DOS look & feel interface.


The Emu Emax, Emulator I, Emulator II, Emulator III, Emulator-IIIX, ESI and SP-12 samplers are children of the 80's and 90's, so we thought some nostalgic user interface would preserve the spirit of those times...

You will need a keyboard to use EMXP, but once you get used to the user interface you will notice it works quite fast. Many shortcut keys are provided on the overview screens, and navigating between the menu screens can be done by means of simple (single character) keystrokes...


Moreover an extensive reference manual and a manual containing 16 hands-on "guided tours"  is included in the EMXP software package as well.














Main menu




















Emu sampler menu




















Emax-I EMX files overview




















Emax-I Bank file menu




















Emax-II Hard disk / CD bank overview




















Emax-I Preset overview




















Emax-I Preset overview (corrupt sound bank)




















Emax-I Voice details




















Emulator III/IIIX and ESI Menu




















Emulator III Hard disk / CD bank overview




















Emulator III Sample Overview




















Emulator II Bank files overview




















Emulator I Menu




















Emulator I Disk Image details




















SP-12 Sound Bank File Menu




















SP-12 Sound Overview




















SP-12 Sounds MIDI Communication




















Akai Menu




















Akai Floppy Disk Files Overview




















SoundFont 2 Zone Details Overview




















WAV menu




















MIDI Emax-I Sample unload window




















Bank construction menu




















 Emax-II Bank construction




















Emax-I Conversion menu




















Conversion report




















Construction report




















Disk manager




















Preferences menu




















RS422 Communication Preferences Overview




















SCSI2SD configuration manager




















Audio Player